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Gene Pearcey aka Evil Roy has a tried and true approch to shooting and shooting sports. A believer in the "Keep it Simple" line of thought has helped him break down and teach the mechanics of compitition shooting allowing the most novice of shooters to become confident in firearm fundamentals. Weather you want to be the next World Champion or just secure in the thought of how to correctly handle a firearm Evil Roy Shooting School has you covered!


Former END of TRAIL World Champion, Evil Roy, SASS #2883 will conduct his popular two-day shooting school during WINTER RANGE at Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Phoenix, AZ, Saturday and Sunday, February 18 and 19, 2012. Noted for his advanced and thorough teaching techniques, many top SASS shooters as well as those new to the sport have benefited from the shooting school.

Evil Roy started competing in cowboy action shooting at the age of 50 with no previous competition shooting experience and has never finished lower than 9th overall in any Cowboy Action Match. He is the 2001 SASS Overall World Champion and the 2000 SASS Overall National Champion. He has won the SASS World Championship in Cowboy Action Shooting in both Modern and Traditional Class, the SASS National Championship in both Modern and Traditional Class, numerous regional and State Championships and over 30 annual matches.

Evil Roy and Wicked Felina are NRA Certified Instructors for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Personal Defense. Holy Terror is a NRA Assistant Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Personal Defense.

The two-day classes cover equipment selection and preparation, drills to improve skills, stage strategy, and the mind set required to be a good shootist. The classes are designed to deliver a learning experience that will enable anyone to enjoy the great sport of Cowboy Action Shooting through improved performance. New shooters you can save years of costly mistakes in gear purchases, wasted practice sessions and frustrations by learning from proven methods. Experienced shooters can fine-tune their game by learning from someone who has a proven success at the very top level of the sport.

The price per person for the two-day school is $250.00. Additional immediate family members are $150.00 and SASS juniors shoot free with a paid adult. To sign up for the two-day Evil Roy Shooting School at WINTER RANGE do so HERE or call the school direct at 970-385-4141.

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